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Product Catalog 2018

Diverse, design-oriented, modern. GALATEA series and shapes.

Learn more about the latest trends and timeless classics.

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Care Instructions

It is very important that the bathtub is installed correctly. Bathtubs and shower bases made out of acrylic are easy to clean, because they are non-porous and their surfaces are very smooth. Whenever the bathtubs or shower bases get dirty it should be cleaned with a washing-up liquid (please do not use a scouring cream) and a soft cleaning rag or a sponge. Please rinse with pure water afterwards.

In case of calcareous deposit please use normal vinegar to remove it. Do not use lime-remover for hot water appliances (danger of discoloration of the surface)!


Small damages or scratches can be remedied with a special acrylic care set Please do use a rubber mat with knobs as an underlay when you wash your pets in the bathtub or shower base. Sand, dirt, and even the claws of your pet can easily scratch the surface. Do also use a rubber mat after your work in the garden after a visit on the beach.

Be careful with hair spray, nail polish and nail polish remover. These agents cause stains that you can not eliminate.